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High bay lamps for better lighting in Nijkerk, Netherlands

LED highbay lamps for welding

JNLED recently supplied several types of LED high bay lamps for an existing warehouse and adjacent workshops where tasks such as precision welding, cutting of materials and assembly are carried out.

Learn more about how we handled this interesting project.

Better CRI means better light experience

LED lighting just became better

We’re pleased to introduce our new range of premium quality LED lighting products with a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 95.

Learn more about our new CRI95 products and how you can get these.

premium suppliers help us provide custom solutions

We work with premium suppliers

Through solid relationships with our suppliers we are able to provide a large assortment of high quality, reliable and state of the art LED products. It also enables us to provide custom solutions.

Learn more about how we work with our premium partners in the LED lighting sector.

Individual LEDs

The benefits of using LEDs

Apart from massive energy savings, there are plenty of other reasons to use LED lighting.

Learn more about LEDs and their benefits.

jnled partners world map

Local professionals make the difference

We work with local professionals in many countries. They help us to create great solutions that are finetuned to your specific needs.

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JNLED manufactures and sources a full range of quality LED lighting products for different applications. In our product range you will find products for industrial, commercial and residential use, such as LED high bay lamps, LED floodlights, LED down lights and LED spotlights among other products. LEDs that are used are manufactured by for example Philips and Cree, in combination with top quality drivers manufactured by for example Meanwell or Philips

Some of our products are shown on this page. Please select your industry to view a selection of our products. Our full product range is available online for partners who have registered as a user. Please register at the “Partner” section on this website if you wish to see our full product range. We’ll send you your password by return.

Customized products: JNLED can help you with the production of customized LED lighting products. Among other customized products we have made, are LED down lights with exceptional Lumen output and with an exceptionally high level of overall quality and finishing. If you are looking for a product with specific dimensions or with specific characteristics, please let us know.

In case you cannot find the information or the product you are looking for, please contact us.

JNLED, your LED lighting partner.

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