Shipping & Logistics

Getting products shipped and delivered quickly and efficiently from one place to another is fundamental in our industry. Many companies underestimate the importance and the complexity of shipping and logistics and underestimate the benefits and cost savings that can be achieved when shipping and logistics are handled properly. We have many years experience in shipping, logistics and distribution and know with which shipping companies we should work or shouldn’t work and provide full shipping and logistics service. Due to our solid understanding of shipping and our in-depth knowledge, our customers know that goods are handled efficiently which helps our customers free up time so customers can focus on other tasks. We arrange for shipment by courier, by air, by sea-air, by ocean, by train, by truck and via inland waterway.


To support our customers we offer our our online catalogue and customer service program which are both available 24/7. Please contact us for further information. Both systems are designed to offer transparency and clear information. On the customer service platform customers can keep track of orders, delivery dates, packing lists, way bills and information about weights, volumes and quantities at all times. Bar codes of each product are available in both our online catalogue and in the customer service program. With the help of our program, customers can handle incoming goods quickly and efficiently.


We provide excellent shipping insurance coverage as part of the logistics and shipping solutions we provide, no matter if goods are shipped by air, by ocean or over land.


Please feel free to contact us any time if you would like to learn more about the logistics and shipping solutions we can offer you.