We work with long-term, premium suppliers

A high level of flexibility is often required when developing a product or when orders are being processed. Our many years in China and hundreds of factory visits are a very important aspect of the knowledge, services and experience of JNLED. Over the years we have build solid relationships with our suppliers to whom we refer as our supply partners. This has helped us tremendously in many ways and often helps us get things exactly right even though it would sometimes be easier to just settle for a quicker result. Many times it is so easy to get it wrong and it is easy for things to get lost in translation although there is no room for error. Getting it right is not always much more complicated than getting it wrong. But in our experience, getting it right requires attention to detail. It requires a proper follow up and regular contact with our production partner or regular visits to the factory. We are based literally at a stone’s throw of South China where most of the production of LED lighting products take place. This has helped us build up a tremendous network over the years. We frequently visit places such as the Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Besides, we work with several partners in Taiwan. Thanks to mutual trust and a solid understanding of the capabilities of production partners we often manage to achieve results many other companies cannot. Areas we focus on are not just the actual production area in a factory. We strongly focus on the people in the factory and the “organization behind the product”. Our permanent presence in Hong Kong and regular factory visits help us also to keep track of novelties, trends and developments in the field of LED lighting. We are pleased to share information about novelties and industry developments with our partners. We can arrange for testing and certification of LED lighting products in line with the requirements that apply to your sales areas.